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Navigate thru 80+ suppliers of bulk wines and spirits from the top world regions

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Tasting Room

A tasting room where folks can have their bulk wines tasted and scored anonymously.

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As an Exhibitor, meet with visitors willing to source bulk wine and spirits from all around the UK

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Located in the heart of the city, the venue provides access from different lines.

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What is IBWSS?

Be part of the Biggest Gathering!

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General Info

Be part of the biggest gathering of Bulk Wine, Bulk Spirits, and Private Label professionals in the UK.

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The most influential professionals in the beverage industry at the IBWSS educational conference.

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Take advantage of the meetings tool and save your time when you are at IBWSS.

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IBWSS Conference



Meet suppliers of bulk wine and spirits from all around the world.

IBWSS UK Tasting Floor
IBWSS UK Tasting Floor
IBWSS UK Tasting Floor



Place your bulk wine and spirits offer in front of importers, distributors and retailers as well as investors seeking to build new private labels.

IBWSS UK Tasting Floor


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Bulk Wine Data and Opportunities

Florian has over 20+ years of experience in the Wine and Spirits Industry. He has held several key positions at various companies and joined Ciatti in 2007. Director of Ciatti Europe. Broker dedicated to Italian suppliers and the Swiss market. Also in charge of the French market. Director of Ciatti Europe. Broker dedicated to Italian suppliers and the Swiss market. Also in charge of the French market. 

Data Trends

David joined the WSTA in March 2014, after a career prosecuting for HM Customs and Excise, advising on law enforcement policy and working in other regulatory areas. He leads the WSTA’s work on business resilience, responding to fraud, liaising with law enforcement agencies and brand protection teams.  He sits on the Joint Alcohol and Tobacco Consultative Group and the Joint Customs Consultative Committee. He advises on all aspects of compliance, particularly HMRC's extensive borders change programme, the migration to the Customs Declaration Service and due diligence requirements. David supports the Logistics Group and the Brexit-focused Customs, Logistics and Movements Group.

Bulk Whisky : A Customers Point of View

Scotch Whisky veteran with 30 years’ experience in Distilling, Planning and Master Blending. Recently retired from managing spirit quality and inventory levels for over 120 million Litres of Scotch Whisky and control of £10m annual capital expenditure and £4M annual spend budgets. Creating all Beam Suntory Scotch New Products, with over 140 created from 2007 to 2022. Mentor to a number of younger colleagues, developing their talent and assisting in their career progression.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Beam UK’s Final Salary Pension Scheme since 2013. Trustee on the Board of Trustees at Camphill (Blair Drummond) a charitable trust giving people with learning difficulties residential and day service care.

State of Logistics

Horst has spent 34 years working in the industry. He has been taking care of the drinks business handled by VinLog for 15 years.
With his extensive experience, he knows the drinks industry inside out and is well aware of what is important to ensure that the products arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Born and raised in Germany, Horst has since lived in South Africa, California, Burgundy, New York and Paris.

Overview of the current state of the world wine sector

latest figures (2022-2023) on the production, consumption, and international trade of wine, specifically focusing on the trade of bulk wine (its evolution at the world level, top exporters/importers, etc.).


Matthew is co-founder of Beyond Wines, a UK distributor that sets to make premium wines accessible for the mainstream market and make wine “less pretentious”. He has more than 20 years in the wine trade, working across multiple sales channels. Matthew manages regional wholesale, specialist customers, premium retail and independent on-trade channels for Beyond Wines.

The Incredible Bulk. The evolution of bulk wine and private label

The Lanchester Group (Lanchester Wines, Greencroft Bottling, The Wine Fusion) has been a leading light of the UK wine trade for over 40 years and few companies have produced more private label wines.

 Andrew and Mark share their views on why the bulk model offers such benefits to businesses seeking reliability, flexibility and value. And, how bulk actually complements the vinous and artisanal nature of wine


Transport and Distribution: How will bulk wine revolutionise the Sustainability of wine logistics by 2030?

Dom de Ville, Director of Sustainability and Social Impact, The Wine Society 
Rebecca Murphy, Sustainability Manager, North South Wines 
Marta Juega Rivera, Winemaker and Sustainability Manager, Alliance Wine 
James Streeter, Chair, Sustainable Wine Roundtable 

Tom Owtram, General Manager, Sustainable Wine Roundtable  

Bulk Wine and Spirits Buyers - Panel Discussion

Panel Comprising of Mark Lansley, Mark Roberts, Paul Schaafasma, and Richard Siddle :

Mark Lansley : Owner & CEO at Broadland Drinks

Mark Roberts : Director Of Sales at Lanchester Wines

Paul Schaafasma : Managing Director at Benchmark Drinks Limited

Richard Siddle : Media consultant and Editor. Launched The-Buyer.net

Non Alcohol and Low Alcohol

Irem Eren has an international, dynamic background; raised in Istanbul, studying abroad; UK & Spain & United States, having worked in Turkey, Germany, Spain, United States. Irem holds multidisciplinary studies, is a Chemist and holds a master´s degree in International Business and Marketing, moreover she is WSET Diploma Holder, and currently Master of Wine Stage 2 Student.

Irem Eren is Head of Business Development and Sales at BevZero, the leading beverage industry strategic firm offering de-alcoholization services and equipment sales. Irem’s previous experiences in the wine industry include, branding, business development, wine buying at leading wine producers as Familia Torres. Irem Eren is also Wine Educator, teaches WSET Level 3 courses.

Private Label Chain Sales

David Gill is a master of wine and works with Kingsland Drinks. He helps the sales team by focussing our wine proposals on the best products and most relevant proposals from our excellent, diverse, global wine supply network. Hear from David on how to function and create "Private Label Chain Sales".

What does private label do for the wine category and why is it relevant?

Robin was Managing Director at Copestick Murray, and General Manager for EuropeGeneral Manager for Europe at McGuigan Simeon Wines Ltd. Robin Copestick joined Freixenet Copestick in 2019. Robin Copestick is currently Managing Director at Freixenet Copestick. 

Private label is a great choice for a retailer who wants to create some buzz and excitement for its audience but does not want to be beholden to a global brand strategy. For the wine buying audience private labels sits between a brand and own label and is ideal for someone who has a little bit of wine knowledge and knows what sort of wine they want to buy.

How Will Climate Change Affect The Bulk Wine Sector Over The Next Decade?

Since the year 2000 the proportion of wine consumed in the UK that has been UK-packed has increased from c15% to c65%. This reduction in transporting glass bottles around the globe has been heralded as a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. But there remains a massive carbon footprint that will increasingly need to be reduced. This talk examines this subject and posits some potential pathways and outcomes.

State of Union

As a consultant at Robert Joseph, I have worked with companies and countries across the globe, helping them with their marketing, branding, and blending strategies. As a co-owner of le Grand Noir, Greener Planet, and K'AVSHIRI wines, I have been involved in creating and developing successful wine labels that appeal to diverse consumers and markets. As an associate editor of Meininger's Wine Business International, I have covered the latest trends and innovations in the wine industry, providing analysis and commentary on topics such as COVID-19, sustainability, technology, and consumer behavior. 

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