Photo for: Inviting All Private Label and Store Own Brand Buyers to Bulk Up Your Bottom Line at IBWSS UK 2019


Inviting All Private Label and Store Own Brand Buyers to Bulk Up Your Bottom Line at IBWSS UK 2019

UK’s premier showcase for the private label and bulk wine and spirits industry will feature two days of networking, presentations and workshops


Within the UK, the private label wine trend is showing no signs of slowing down, as restaurants, retailers and hospitality venues look for new opportunities within this fast-growth segment. So if you are looking to launch a new private label wine brand or drive future growth of your current store own brand, the place to be in 2019 will be the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show (IBWSS), taking place at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London on March 11-12. This is Britain’s premier trade event for private label wines and spirits, and the perfect opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in the industry, all in one place.

What to expect at IBWSS UK 2019?

Over a two-day period, participants will have a chance to meet top suppliers of bulk wine from around the world and learn first-hand from retailers and restaurateurs how they built their own private label or store own brands from scratch. This is simply an unparalleled opportunity to hear from top UK retailers and stores that have already figured out how to leverage private label wine brands as part of a vibrant, dynamic business model. For example, Rob Dixon, the Senior Buying Manager for Champagne & Sparkling at Tesco, will be discussing the rapid pace of change within the retail industry. 

During the two-day event, attendees will have plenty of opportunities to learn how to bulk up their bottom line by mastering every aspect of the business model for private label wines. Most importantly, they will learn how to acquire new customers for their private label wine brands. Mark Meek, CEO of The IWSR, will answer the question that all private label wine brand owners want to know: “What are consumers really looking for?” Being able to answer that question could be the key to unlocking new retail profit opportunities, so you won’t want to miss this presentation.

At IBWSS UK 2019, you’ll also hear from Alison Flemming MW, Export Sales Director for Reh Kendermann, who will walk participants through all the finer points of lining up bulk partnerships. She will explain exactly what works, and what doesn’t work, all from her first-hand experience. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be ready to head out to the bustling trade show floor, where you will have the unique opportunity to meet bulk wine suppliers from all over the world, from North America and Europe to South Africa and Australia.

Throughout the two-day period, there will also be plenty of opportunities to ask questions first-hand that are directly applicable to running your own business. One of the highlights of IBWSS UK 2019, for example, will be a lively panel discussion led by wine industry consultant Alistair Morrell. The panelists will discuss the key profit drivers for any on-premise buyer, and how private label wines can become part of that business model going forward.

Another focus of the IBWSS UK event will be getting ahead of new industry trends. This will include a look at key drivers of supply and demand in the bulk wine market, as well as developing a few rules of the road for marketing to millennial wine drinkers, who now account for more than 42% of all wine sold. If you’re able to create a private label brand that resonates with this key demographic, it’s a near certainty that you will be able to bulk up your bottom line heading into 2020.

Who should attend IBWSS UK 2019?

The International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show is a must-attend for anyone involved in the making, sourcing, buying, shipping, bottling, selling or marketing of bulk wine and spirits. The event will cover every facet of creating, developing and marketing a private label or store own brand program. You will get advice and insights from industry insiders with direct experience working with bulk wine and spirits, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network with the individuals making the key buying and selling decisions in the UK wine marketplace.

IBWSS UK remains the No. 1 show for private label, bulk wine and bulk spirits. If you’re looking to leverage the powerful private label wine trend, join hundreds of your fellow colleagues within the UK wine and spirits industry. They will be heading to London in March 2019 for the most anticipated trade show of its kind next year.

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